Who are Bindaree?

Bindaree Outdoor Education Services has been the passion of our Managing Director Brendan Layh for well over 25 years. Having taught in the field for many years at different schools, the opportunity to provide outdoor education for a wider spectrum of students became a reality in the late 1980s.

Beginning with a handful of schools running programs in remote locations of Victoria, the Bindaree began its life serving schools of the eastern suburbs. Over the years the number of clients and programs grew.

Clients who have used Bindaree on an ongoing basis remain impressed with the personal service, quality staff and progressive programs offered.

All programs are individually catered to meet each school’s curriculum aims and objectives and we operate on the highest safety standards.

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What makes Bindaree tick?

The Bindaree Group views outdoor education as a flexible educational package that introduces a wide range of carefully structured and sequential outdoor activities within a range of unfamiliar environments.

The aim is to advance and enrich a fundamental understanding of each person’s place and self worth within a community. There is also a responsibility within each package to develop a lasting appreciation of activity safety, environmental awareness and lifelong recreational opportunities.

Bindaree loves the outdoors around the beautiful city of Melbourne and we offer a chance to explore and learn about our own backyard. See below for some of our single day activities. These activities can also be tailored to meet curriculum outcomes or other educational rationale. Whether your students need to work on communication, working as a team, initiative or something else, Bindaree Outdoors can make it happen. – See more at: http://www.bindaree.com
Bindaree Outdoors exists to partner and support schools in their desire to construct, plan and implement a quality educational curriculum unit specifically designed to take place in an outdoor environment. – See more at: http://www.bindaree.com
What is an expedition program? This type of program enables participants to head into remote areas far away from everyday distractions. The name Bindaree is an Aboriginal saying meaning heading back to a simpler way of being. An expedition program takes on these philosophies and helps to develop self-reliance in a wilderness environment.
See more at: http://www.bindaree.com
Activity Single Day Multi Day Expeditions
White Water Rafting
Climbing / Abseiling
Mountain Biking / Touring
Bushwalking / Hiking
Cross Country Skiing / Touring
High / Low Ropes
Reef Studies