Our dedicated and experienced kitchen team use fresh quality ingredients to deliver well balanced nutritious meals sure to please all taste buds.

During camp we provide all meals complimented by morning tea, afternoon tea and supper.

All meals and snacks are made on site by our qualified chef to ensure the highest of quality.

We take great care and aim to cater for all special dietary requirements, allergies and cultural needs.

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Dealing with Special dietary requirements and allergies

We know how complicated and stressful it can be for parents sending their child with special dietary needs away on camp and we are here to help.

All our menus are created on site and are tailored to each groups needs.

Should you child have an anaphylactic allergy or complicated dietary requirement we welcome you to call the camp to discuss the catering options.

A few helpful things to know:

Parents need to provide clear and detailed information regarding special dietary requirements to the school at least 10 days prior to camp

As teachers know the student they are responsible for ensuring that all students with special dietary requirements receive the correct meal prepared for them.

  • All students/ teachers with dietary requirements are served meals first to avoid any risk of cross contamination

  • All dietary requirement meals are prepared and served using separate utensils.

  • All bread used is seed free, however our bread comes from a local bakery which produces items with nuts and seeds, so we are happy for parents to send along their own bread for their child during camp

  • All special dietary morning teas, afternoon teas and suppers will be clearly marked and plated separately

  • A copy of the planned camp menu can be requested through your school prior to the camp

  • We are a nut free environment were possible

  • If a participant is listed as a nut allergy any products that state “may contain traces of nuts” by the manufacture will be substituted

We cannot however control what students bring with them for lunch on the first day of camp or in their bags